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Giraffe Got a Nubian Princess

Aubrey Harding: Artist Statement
My art is inspired by world mythology and everyday beauty. Beauty might be shadows over blades of grass or 40 inch hips swaying down a street in the Bronx. While only one of those images might be tantalizing, it helps my imagination to see them in the same light. Myths are fabrics of history, stories that show a culture’s beliefs, traditions, desires, relationship with the animal and rapport with the universe. The female form has been clich├ęd, degraded and exalted, sexually objectified, while being the most celebrated subject of art. But what’s got more mystique or charm? These watercolors are purely playful, intuitive works.

Watercolor 22x36

Your Imagination

Darius Harding: Lyrics

If you let me
Run away so
So far that I go back to the wild
Like that giraffe
Pull your locks, would you 
Would you dread me
Climbing hair down
Where you crept me
Out tower walls back to a child
With the folklore
And the fairies
I’m as real as
You won’t get me
I’m your imagination
Getting away, getting away from you
Don’t let me get, get away from you

Like diabetic hopes
To sugar highs
You’re too young to think goodbyes
Blood pressure between her thighs
Sugar, for all we know
Dissolves, in watered lines
It’s always shown
From one pupil to the other’s
Drowned suckers
Contacts reflecting eyes
Contact what she fantasize
I’m a first kind
Alien what we try
No for
Aint the answer
No for aint the note that struck her cords
Ask her
How good for you too
Frenching jumping off walls
Not unlike that first time
She sweat up in her room
And dad walked in
He saw it all
Ceiling spinning from the spirits
She invoked in liquor, if her
Nigga could find where he had entered
How many have exit
Maybe the next day she’d remember
It just like she imagined



Aubrey Harding

Darius Harding

production consultant
Cary Kibby

Mogul D

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